In 1999 my husband and I created an e-commerce site and business – Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Gear. This was before social media and with our ingenuity, message boards and customer service we ranked on page 1 for the term kayak fishing. We were the second largest store in the USA dedicated to kayak fishing accessories. We sold the business in 2011 and it is bigger and better than ever before. We are very proud of the brand we built.

After the business sold I started tutoring clients on computer issues, websites, e-commerce and more. I started building and maintaining websites. I love to delve in and see what can be improved for search engine rankings. I started using Dreamweaver and HTML / CSS and learned WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify. I get all of my work completed with efficiency and thoughfulness. I will troubleshoot problems and can usually find the issue and fix it. I also teach my clients how to maintain their own websites and social media.